Jim about to drink the forbidden elixir (berry blue kool aid)

Jim Bonacci (James Anthony Bonacci) is the creator of Happy Wheels. He is the current owner and creator of He works with Jason on the game. Jim started developing flash in early 2002 and following up he made a badly animated movie (no offense Jim) on Newgrounds called "Oh Beautiful Day". Later in 2003, he started learning the actionscript coding language, and made a game called "Divine Intervention". The game was his first major success in the world of Flash games. 2 years later he opened a site, called (not the one as we know today). The website was built in flash, and included a very limited amount of unappealing features. He included a flash application that allowed users to ask him questions, which he publically answered. A year later he started working on Happy Wheels. Jim said that he wasted 4 years on making it. These days, Jim gets countless suggestions from idiots and trolls on his site. He then added a user called PhysX as a voluntary moderator.

Jim lives in Brooklyn, New York. His email is